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The filmmakers of the future

EINBLICK filterlos 
Young people make cinema!

Within the framework of the EINBLICK filterless project, 53 young Austrian people (between 16 and 20 years of age) interested in film have realized their own films so far. Since 2016, eleven short films and two documentaries with a length of up to 30 minutes have been made under the guidance of professional filmmakers.

The youth film project EINBLICK filterless was developed to discover young filmmakers and give them the chance to produce their first film under professional conditions. 

So far, the films have dealt with issues such as freedom of expression, a non-discriminatory society, coming-of-age, exclusion/bullying by the group, trauma due to violence, menstruation and identity, and youth poverty. The resulting films reflect the unfiltered view of the living conditions of young people today.

Around 50% of all young people participating in the project were female.

About 80% of all participating young filmmakers used EINBLICK filterless as a springboard for their film careers (among others as scriptwriters, directors, cameramen, sound assistants, editors, dollygrips, as students at universities of applied sciences and film academies and as founders of their own film production companies).

A big thank you to the funding bodies and supporting partners and companies:

the Austrian Film Institute, the Education Directorates of Vienna and Bgld, the University of Vienna, the Human Rights Office of the City of Vienna and the Bilingual Junior High School Wiener Neustadt, and youngCaritas Vienna, ÖBB GmbH and Wiener Linien GmbH, the Austria-wide television station OktoTV and youth centres in Vienna, Lower Austria and Salzburg and many other committed partners and companies.


The project sequence

Phase 1


In the preparatory phase, there is a range of lectures or workshops (some via video conference) by film professionals from the various areas of film production. In recent projects, experts have spoken on topics such as image design and camera settings, working with actors and developing film ideas into screenplays. A sound engineer and sound designer (who did the sound for the Oscar winner "The Counterfeiters") worked with the young people to re-score a scene of a film. A similarly exciting program awaits the participants in the current 2023 project.

Phase 2

Script development

The young filmmakers work independently to develop their own scenes to the given framework of the screenplay. They receive dramaturgical advice from a professional coach in several sessions (via video conference or in person).

Phase 3


Before filming begins, there are some important preparations to be made, without which there can be no film: the actors and actresses and the locations must be found. This pre-production phase includes production planning, location scouting, filming permits, casting, costume rehearsals, equipment, shooting schedule, scheduling and, of course, rehearsals.

Phase 4


Filming is professional, focused and efficient (and of course in strict compliance with all necessary and current Covid 19 safeguards). All participants:inside their respective assigned function. They are supported by film professionals in terms of content, technology and organisation, so that they can focus all their attention on the essentials in the realisation of their film. In 2023, a feature short film with a length of 30 minutes will be shot and about 8 to 12 shooting days are planned in Austria.

Phase 5

Post Production

After the filming is finished, the material goes into editing. Together with an editor, the young people create their rough cut of the film. This is followed by fine editing, dubbing, audio mixing and mastering, colour correction and grading. Finally, there is a premiere in a specially rented cinema for all participants, friends, relatives, sponsors and partners.

Phase 6


The finished films have been presented to school classes, in youth centres and by the participants. The films have also been screened at open-air cinemas and broadcast on television. As every year, the short films are submitted to film festivals.

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