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EINBLICK filterlos


The following conditions apply to participation in the non-commercial project "EINBLICK filterless" (


§ 1. general

1. participation in the film project EINBLICK filterlos (hereinafter referred to as "project") is subject to these conditions of participation.

The project is divided into several phases and associated sub-steps. 

Phase 1: uploads of videos to This enables interested parties (hereinafter referred to as participants) to qualify for phases 2-4.  

Phase 2: Selection from all submitted videos or project ideas with the aim of finding suitable participants for a short film/short of approx. 30 minutes (including opening and closing credits) to be produced.

Phase 3: After various sub-steps (input seminars/lectures and/or workshops), the selected participants begin with the actual filmmaking with the support of film coaches.

Phase 4: Presentation of the produced film and communication of the film work by participants in front of an interested audience.

3. qualification for possible participation in the project takes place by uploading either a video made by applicant:in or a written film idea (in the form of an exposé, treatment or rough script, etc.) to In doing so, applicant:in also recognises the conditions of participation listed under §1 ff. as binding. 4.

4. participation in the project is free of charge and time and work will not be compensated by the organiser, as this is a voluntary and non-commercial project. The organiser reserves the right to exclude participants from the project before and during the duration of the project if they violate the spirit and the idea of a collaborative overall project. 

5. the electronic platform ( serves to manage the project and in the first phase to upload application videos (qualification) and in further phases for public relations and partial documentation of the project progress.


§ 2. project implementers

1. the project executing organisation is HPMedia e.U. (see imprint and hereinafter referred to as the organiser). 

2. the organiser decides on all questions of doubt according to the conditions of participation. These regulations are published in German and English. 


§ 3. who may participate in the project?

1. all persons who have their permanent or temporary residence in Austria or Israel and who were born between 2003 and 2006 are eligible to participate.

2) Submission under a pseudonym is not possible.

3. several persons can jointly produce a video as a team or write and upload an exposé, treatment, screenplay etc.. In the case of these team productions (several persons have contributed on an equal footing), in addition to the contact details of the individual team members, a contact person must be named in the online application who will be regarded as the contact person for the competition.


§ 4. data protection

Personal data to be entered during registration at will be used in compliance with data protection laws. The participant:in agrees that the organiser may electronically record his/her personal data exclusively for the purpose of the project. The data will only be used as necessary for the implementation of the project and not for commercial purposes.


§ 5 How to submit and what to apply with?

File upload/qualification:

Qualification for the project takes place by uploading a video or synopsis, treatment, screenplay etc. corresponding to these conditions to Applications can only be submitted online by uploading data via the upload button on All videos or treatments/scripts must be submitted to by the deadline with the participant data required for registration.

§ 6. which video entries can take part for the qualification?

1. content, technical and legal requirements:

The design of the video to be submitted is basically free in terms of both content and formal design. If the video does not exist in German, it should either be dubbed in German or English or subtitled in German or English.

2) All creators of videos that do not contain a visible copyright notice or obviously infringe the © rights of third parties are eligible to participate.

3) The organiser reserves the right to exclude from qualification for the project videos with immoral, illegal, criminal or other criminal or liability content.

4. Entries must be submitted in a standard high-definition video format. Upload formats: Film file

- accepted formats: .mp[e]g / .avi / .mov / .mp4

- recommended codecs: MPEG, Apple ProRes, H264

- resolution: 720p or 1080p (preferred)

- Audio: 48kHz sound PCM (only uncompressed) / MP3 / AAC 

5. the video title/title of the film idea should appear at the beginning of the video.

The video should last a minimum of 20 seconds and a maximum of two to three minutes.


§ 7. which film ideas are eligible for qualification?

1. content, technical specifications and legal requirements:

The design of the film idea to be submitted is relatively free (should not have a specific theme for a particular project year) in terms of both content and formal design. The film story must contain a plausible plot and deal with a realistic topic that could come from the applicants' living environment - a film story that depicts the lives of young people and provides an unfiltered and new view of their living environment. The film idea can be submitted as an exposé, treatment, screenplay, etc. and should be only one to two pages long (exposé, treatment) or a maximum of five pages (in screenplay form), depending on the length of the application video. The script can be written and uploaded in German or English. 

2. upload formats: Text file:

- word-.doc, or .docx, pages

- pdf (preferred)

- txt, rtf

3. the upload also takes place directly by the applicant:in on As soon as the organiser has received the file, the video, synopsis, treatment, script etc. is deemed to have been handed over to the organiser.

4. each video, exposé, treatment, screenplay, etc. to be submitted must be uploaded to by 24.00 hours on the last day of the call for entries (deadline) at the latest. The submitted films or contributions must not be older than one year by the deadline, i.e. they should have been produced after 15th of August 2022.


§ 8. upload liability

The organiser accepts no liability whatsoever for the loss or incompleteness of the data submitted by the applicant, unless the loss or incompleteness is due to intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the part of the organiser or its employees. This also applies to the disclosure of information by third parties due to technical errors in data transmission and/or unauthorised access.


§ 9. jury

1. a video will be judged by a jury appointed by (composed of the coaches of the respective project year) who will make a selection from all submitted (uploaded) videos, exposés, treatments, scripts etc. 2. the jury's decision is final.  

The decision of the jury is final. Based on the jury's decision, the participants will be invited to participate in the further phase of the project, the actual filmmaking.


§ 10. confirmation of participation

1. the finally selected participants will be informed in writing via the e-mail addresses provided by the participants whether they have been selected to participate in the project.

2. no liability will be assumed for unforeseen circumstances caused by third parties, such as the delivery of the confirmation, etc.


§ 11 Copyright

1. the applicant confirms with the online registration and the upload of a video, synopsis, treatment, script etc. to be the copyright owner of the same. to be the author of the same. The applicant is liable in the event of infringement of the rights of third parties. The applicant:in demonstrably holds all copyrights and ancillary copyrights to the video, exposé, treatment or screenplay etc. submitted by him/her that are required for participation in the project. It guarantees the Organiser freedom from third party rights and in this respect indemnifies the Organiser against third party claims. The applicant assures the organiser that he/she holds all rights to the uploaded video, exposé, treatment, screenplay, etc., that no third party rights are infringed by their possible publication or use (including parts thereof) as the basis for the film to be created and that no personal rights are infringed in the depiction of persons. The participant is responsible for clarifying the necessary rights in good time. 2. 

2. the applicants assure that the film/video clip and/or the film idea submitted by them are free of third party rights, e.g. copyrights, other ancillary copyrights, personal rights, and that they may freely dispose of them. As a precaution, they shall indemnify the organiser against all claims by third parties based on the fact that the above assurance does not apply.

3. videos, exposés, treatments or scripts which obviously do not comply with these conditions will be deleted from the server by and their creator:in will not qualify as a possible participant:in.

4. with the transfer of content (uploads of videos or exposés or treatments or scripts) to, the participants guarantee that they have the necessary rights to make this content available to for non-commercial use, also beyond the use within the framework of the website of, in particular a possible newsletter dispatch of

5. should third parties nevertheless assert claims against the organiser due to infringement of their rights, the participants shall indemnify and hold the organiser harmless against any claims for damages by third parties that may result from an infringement of copyright or the use of works.


§ 12. uses and publications of the film created within the framework of the project.

1. By participating in the project, the participants grant the organiser the temporally and spatially unrestricted and irrevocable right of use and irrevocable right to worldwide publication, reproduction, transmission or other comparable use without any claim to remuneration of the submitted video (pre-selection or completed film) or synopsis or treatment or screenplay. Films produced within the framework of EINBLICK filterless will not be commercially exploited and serve exclusively to promote the subject of "film".

2. The participant in the project further assures the organiser that music and texts used in the production of the film are in the possession of the participant and that any music and text rights (as well as rights to used image material - "found-footage" archive material) have been legally acquired and may be transferred to the organiser.

3. the participants grant the organiser the spatially and temporally unrestricted right to all known and unknown types of use to the film created by them within the framework of the project as well as to any idea on which the film is based, insofar as this is protectable by copyright. This includes in particular the right of film adaptation, i.e. the right to use the submitted film unchanged or with adaptation or transformation for the production of a film work and to use the film work itself as well as translations and other cinematic adaptations for all types of use.

4. This also includes the right to reproduce and distribute the film or the film idea on electronic/digital - including interactive - data carriers, in particular bluray, DVD, CD-ROM, video, as well as the right to make the film publicly available on the Internet and the right to show it. The right of use shall be granted free of charge. The organiser is entitled to grant the aforementioned rights to third parties. 5.

5. the participants give their consent to the publication of the film and the names of its creators.

6. In addition, the organiser is entitled without restriction to publish the film created by the respective participants on the internet - in particular on and in the context of reporting on other internet sites and on youtube, facebook and all other platforms that serve the promotion and distribution of audiovisual content and the promotion of cinema films, cinemas and the like and/or that are aimed at a group of people who are specifically interested in audiovisual content in a cinematic context.

7. the film created within the framework of the project can be shown free of charge over several months as a supporting film to the respective main film in various cinemas or also within the framework of special programme formats in electronic media. The possible use of the film is subject to the technical possibilities of the programme and is not guaranteed by the organiser.

8. By submitting a film and possibly participating in the project, applicants agree to the publication of their names if they are among the participants in the project.

9. by submitting and possibly participating in the project, participants fully and legally accept these conditions of participation/tendering and declare their agreement with them.

10. film stills from films created within the framework of the project may be presented by the organiser on posters and flyers of a follow-up project as well as on the internet ( and may generally be used for PR or press purposes.

11. The selected participants for the project 2023 agree to the recording and duplication of the films on the DVD/blu-ray disc "EINBLICK filterlos 2023" without separate remuneration. The DVD/blu-ray disc will be made available to interested parties, the press and above all relevant target groups interested in film and to all creators of the film for exclusively non-commercial use. The DVD/blu-ray disc is not for sale.

12. The organiser is entitled, but not obliged, to use the film created by the participants. The organiser shall name participants in the context of any form of use or impose this on its partners.


§ 13. exclusion of liability / legal recourse

The organiser accepts no liability whatsoever for the content of the film completed as part of the project. No correspondence may be entered into about the project unless it is useful for the production of the film. Legal recourse is excluded.


§ 14 Effectiveness / applicable law / place of jurisdiction

Should parts or individual formulations of these conditions of participation be invalid, the remaining parts shall remain unaffected in their content and validity. The conditions of participation are subject to change. Unforeseen events that make the implementation of the project impossible entitle the organiser to cancel the implementation. Any claims asserted as a result are excluded. Claims on the part of participants are excluded.

The law of the Republic of Austria shall apply to these conditions of participation. The place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

Status: 21 June 2023, subject to change.

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